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VDP operates the most advanced certified machining center with experienced machinist trained to set up, program, operate and inspect product in progress.  The triple quality machining / machinist/ technology capability guarantees accuracy, consistency and most important fast delivery.

Our company uses the world’s leading CAD/CAE/CAM engineering software in order to maximize every design and engineering productivity. It allows our engineers to explore design alternatives for an optimal solution. 

Additionally, VDP owns and operates a high volume manufacturing facility; reliably supporting our operations with VDP patented API 6A engineering designs. 

  • On site raw material inventory availability for immediate production.


  • Fast response to customer technical needs for production or spare parts.

  • Full dimensional control on all components.

  • Close communication among all the departments, promoting instant decisions.

  • Manufacturing Key Performance Indicators such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness in order to guarantee the entire production line.

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