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The recoverable locking system is designed to secure and seal the well, which for operational reasons may be temporarily or permanently abandoned.

This system has the characteristic of being recoverable, if desire to go back to the well in the future. The system can be removed swiftly and safely, without affecting the integrity of the casing while saving drilling time.


These type of wellhead systems are designed according to customer's requirements and all the standards required by API 6A. The proper material selection makes these wellheads appropriate for special projects and geothermal needs. System provide fluid control for any type of geothermal reservoir.

Working temperature up to 345 degrees Celsius (653 degree Fahrenheit) with special materials to meet well conditions. 


The Pack-Off flange seals the annular spaces between conductor casing and surface casing. It also allows access for fluid injection and permits pressure control in the annular space.


A slip mechanism support the surface casing and doesn’t let it slide down, it also keeps both casings aligned and centered.


When installing surface casing with the centralizer, it guarantees that it will be concentric with the conductor casing, allowing cement to be uniform on the surface, especially when performing Top Jobs.

The surface casing is attached to the slips of the centralizer in the event of the casing shoe is not fully seated at the bottom. The centralizer is firmly attached to the 20 “casing.


This emergency equipment is designed to centralize and hang surface casing. This system is easy to install in order to facilitate your operations, once the problem has been detected on the well.

Pack Off Flange avoids H2S and gas
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