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HIGH SPEED Wellhead 

All Mandrel Casing Hangers are design with a right rotation system that allows the customer to rotate the pipe during cementing and reciprocating.

• Minimum number of installation tools.

• The HIGH SPEED WELLHEAD has standard connections to facilitate workover operations.

• The HIGH SPEED WELLHEAD quick connectors provide savings of up to 36 hours of drilling.

• All hangers are design to be used with emergency equipment in case the casing cannot be landed in a normal way.

• Does not require separate emergency and normal pack offs. This equipment comes prepared with a pack off that serves  both types of applications.

• This system can be adapted to any type of completion ESP, Hydraulic Pumping, PCP, Mechanical Pumping, etc.

• The HIGH SPEED WELLHEAD can be adapted to different casing strings and working pressure programs.

• One time connection to BOP to drill the intermediate casings and run the production casing.

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