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VDP is excited to introduce their EZ-LOK Unihead™ Wellhead System (US
Patent Pending) to the US Shale Play market. The system is designed and now available to accommodate the majority of casing programs for 11 inch or 13-5/8 inch nominal sizes in 2,000 - 5,000 and 10,000 PSI working pressure.


Among its design features the EZ-LOK Unihead™ Wellhead System incorporates an “Actuator Ring Lock” (ARL) assembly (US Patent Pending). The ARL design permits fast, safe and easy locking and unlocking of internal lock rings. Field proven in over 400 installations, it has become the preferred wellhead system of South American energy producers.

The EZ-LOK Unihead™ Wellhead incorporates in its design installation versatility by prepping the housing to accept the detachable base plate and slip lock or slip-on-weld connection. Housing is available with integral or detachable flange. VDP Fast BOP Adapters are available with manual or hydraulic connection making BOP make-up safe, quick and easy.

EZ-LOK Unihead™ Wellhead System internal components are designed to complement each component. Two thirds of the running tools required for similar wellhead systems have been eliminated; reflecting immediate cost savings and less tools to inventory.

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