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  • Compatible casing hangers per industry standard.

  • Provides annular access through studded side outlets.

  •  Retains bowl protectors/bit guides during drilling.

  •  Supports BOP during drilling operations.

  • Compatible with standard wear bushings, test plugs and running tools.

  • Straight bowl prevents wedge-locking of bowl protectors, casing hangers and test plugs.

  • Allows testing and support for a BOP system during drilling out for the next casing string.

  • Provides the attachment / sealing point to surface equipment.

  • Ported to allow for pressure testing of the casing head slip-on weld.

  • Casing hanger retention with optical lockdown screws in top flange.

  • Provides landing and retention of a bowl protector or test plug.

Casing Spools

seccion b.png

Casing Heads 

seccion a.png
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